Let the discussions begin!

I’ve written a book, WHO Won?!? An Irreverent Look at the Oscars, 1927-1943. It’s the first in a series, which will be published over the next several years by Variations on a Theme Press.  I look forward to discussing the movies, the Academy Awards, and the ways in which film creates and reflects our lives and culture here in America.

V. 2 has been published, covering 1944-1952.

I’m almost done working on V.3, covering 1953-1963.

All three can be found on Amazon (links are on the “About Me” page, but you can also just search by “who won” and find my books). Also available on Barnes & Noble!

What can you find on this blog?

On “About Me and My Books” you will find information about…um…me and my books? I’ve also done some posts about the origins of the book and the writing process.

The “Best Picture of the Year Polls” gives you a chance to vote on your favorite picture. year by year. I add a new year every so often.

“Podcasts, guest blogs and interviews” are where I’ve listed all my interviews, reviews and public notices.

The Special Features is where I’ve done extra features for each year, covering some of the movies and categories that weren’t published in the original books.


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