Whoopsie! Volume One Typos

I hate making mistakes. I really don’t mind admitting them, but I prefer there to be no suggestion that there can be any possibility that I might make them in the first place.

I guess I have a lot left to figure out about this omnipotence gig.

In Volume One, I refer (pg. 476, 478 in the first edition; pg. 490 in the second) to a song “It Seems I Heard That Song Before.” When I was doing the 1942 Best Song blog entry this afternoon, I got bothered by that — and I checked, and it should be merely “I’ve Heard that Song Before.” That one, I blame on Wikipedia, which has it wrong, and my own failure to double-check.

More egregiously, I somehow ascribed “I Remember You” to Irving Berlin and place it in Holiday Inn (pg. 478, 1st edition; pg. 490, 2nd edition). Rightfully, it belongs to Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger, from The Fleet’s In (as is “Tangerine”).

I have NO idea how that happened. None, whatsoever. I suspect two lines were conflated somehow early in the writing, and nobody caught it before now.

Mea culpa; mea maxima culpa. In teen speak, my bad, my real bad.

I hope I am forgiven, and this is the last time you suspect I am not somewhere in the general level of the deity in my righteous correctness.

Now, please keep those banana peels away from me…

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