Who Should Have Won the Best Actor Oscar for 1959?

Cue the heroic poses!

Charlton Heston is in the house, looking all noble and sweaty in Ben-Hur:

James Stewart had one of his finest, most committed, and funniest roles in the cutting edge Anatomy of a Murder:

Somehow, Paul Muni’s movie career arose from the dead to grab one last nomination for The Last Angry Man:

Laurence Harvey climbed up the social ladder through the bedroom in Room at the Top:

Finally, the Academy recognize Jack Lemmon for his ground-breaknig comedic role in Some Like It Hot:

So who did the Academy omit?

Lemmon’s fellow lady in waiting, Tony Curtis:

Finally, they should have given a nod to Peter Sellers in his wacky three roles in The Mouse that Roared:


If you would like to make other suggestions, please do so below in the comments!

As always, I have much more to say in my book: http://www.amazon.com/WHO-Irreverent-Look-Oscars-Volume/dp/069232318X/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

And now, please vote!

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