Who Should Have Won The Best Actor Oscar for 1946?

Fredric March joined the fairly exclusive group of actors who have won two Oscars, matching his previous win for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with one for The Best Years of Our Lives. March’s portrayal of the returning soldier, particularly in the reunion scene with Myrna Loy, is indeed very fine, as are so many performances this year. Hollywood was putting itself back together quite handily in 1946:

The Best Years of Our Lives film poster.jpg

Also up for the award: Laurence Olivier, in what I believe to be his best adaptation of Shakespeare, Henry V:

Henry V – 1944 UK film poster.jpg

Gregory Peck knocked out another nomination, this time as the father in The Yearling:

Original movie poster for the film The Yearling.jpg

Larry Parks slipped in with his drop-dead impersonation of Al Jolson in The Jolson Story: Blackface, anyone?

The Jolson Story - 1946 Poster.jpg

The final official nomination was for James Stewart in what remains his best known performance in It’s a Wonderful Life:

Its A Wonderful Life Movie Poster.jpg
The Academy could have also chosen to nominate quite a few classic performances.

First, we have Cary Grant at his most morally ambiguous and darkly romantic in Notorious:

Notorious 1946.jpg

Then John Garfield’s turn with Joan Crawford in Humoresque:


And Henry Fonda in his return to the screen in John Ford’s classic Western My Darling Clementine:


And finally, Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep:


All in all, 1946 was a damn good year (as you can see from the 1946 Best Picture Oscar poll here: https://rjameswhowon.wordpress.com/book-two-1944-1952-best-picture-of-the-year-polls/who-should-have-won-the-1946-best-picture-oscar/

If you would like to make other suggestions, please do so below in the comments!

As always, I have much more to say in my book: http://www.amazon.com/WHO-Won-Irreverent-Look-Oscars-ebook/dp/B00PKK8MBY/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1415905574&sr=1-2

And now, please vote!

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