Who Should Have Won the Best Actress Oscar for 1949?

Olivia de Havilland delivered what is arguably her greatest career performance in the title role of William Wyler’s The Heiress:

Heiress wyler.jpg

Jeanne Crain snagged a nomination as improbably pale light-skinned black woman passing for white in the problem picture, Pinky:

Pinky 1949 poster.jpg

Susan Hayward grabbed another nomination for My Foolish Heart,  an irretrievably bad adaptation of J.D. Salinger’s “Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut.” For those of you who have ever wondered why Catcher in the Rye has never been adapted into a film, you have only to look at this travesty (that said, Hayward is considerable in the role):

My Foolish Heart 1949 poster.jpg

Continuing the string of sinker adaptations, neither Deborah Kerr nor Spencer Tracy could save Edward, My Son:


Loretta Young tries for another Oscar with her role as a sweet nun in Come to the Stable:

Did the Academy omit anybody? Surprisingly, they really didn’t. This was a far weaker year than 1948, although de Havilland’s powerhouse role certainly makes up for much that is lacking elsewhere.

If you would like to make other suggestions, please do so below in the comments!

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One comment

  1. I might have had Katharine Hepburn in Adams Rib instead of Kerr or Crain, but I still think deHavilland should’ve won!

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