Who Should Have Won the Best Actress Oscar for 1959?

Fluff that pillow! Sex and the avoidance of sex is coming!

The Academy handed the first Best Actress Oscar ever to the lead of a foreign film with Simone Signoret in Room at the Top, one of the more successful of the British New Wave / Kitchen Sink school of films that brought out a grittier, more realistic kind of movie from the British, with a special emphasis on the working class:

The homegrown nominees included Audrey Hepburn in The Nun’s Story, which I’ve had more than one person suggest is her greatest moment as an actress:

Doris Day received an unexpected nomination for what may be her most enduring comic performance, in Pillow Talk:

Finally, two actresses went to battle over memories and sanity in Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly, Last Summer: Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor (both of them fair candidates for career-high achievements):

The Academy did miss what many regard as yet another career peak by an actress this year: Marilyn Monroe’s iconic performance as Sugar in Billy Wilder’s comic masterpiece, Some Like It Hot:

Feel free to make other suggestions below in the comments!

As always, I have much more to say in my book: http://www.amazon.com/WHO-Won-Irreverent-Look-Oscars/dp/069232318X/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

And now, please vote!

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