Best Song of the Year Polls, Book 2: 1944-1952

Welcome to the second installment of Who Should Have Won the Oscars?, covering Book 2: 1944-1952.  Best Song is notorious for bad choices, overlooking absolute classics for absolute drivel, time and time again. Now’s your chance to make your musical tastes known — you couldn’t possibly do worse than the Academy did in most years!

For this one, I’ve put in what I wrote for my books for the category, but added in video and/or sound for the original recordings from the movies, so you can listen for yourself and decide!

Who better to visually represent this period than the great Judy Garland?

If you’d like to buy my books, WHO Won?!? An Irreverent Look at the Oscars, V. 1: 1927-1943v. 2, 1944-1952, and V. 3: 1953-1963 please follow the links below — and thanks for having such good taste!

Link for V. 1:

Link for V. 2:

Link for V. 3:

Let the voting begin — and thanks for dropping by.


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