Podcasts, guest blogs and interviews

I have my very first podcast, courtesy of the wonderful young ladies of The Scarlett Olive! What I learned: use a landline for podcasts, not a cell phone. I know the shock most people feel at hearing their own voice for the first time, but I’ve been on TV and broadcasts often enough to be over that long ago. I think it’s the medium. All in all, I had a good time, and they were very gracious to have me on their website with them! Thanks again!

The podcast is here: http://www.thescarlettolive.com/?p=1190

I was invited by Kristen Lopez, who runs http://www.journeysinclassicfilm.com to do a guest blog — we ended up riffing together on our Oscar predictions. I make mine without having seen a single one of the nominated films…

The blog is here: http://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2013/02/24/guessing-the-oscars-with-author-robert-james-and-i/

The morning after follow-up is here: http://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2013/02/25/guess-the-oscars-with-author-robert-james-and-i-post-show/

Aaron and Abe, the Dynamic Duo, had me on for an Oscar follow-up, and a brief discussion of my book: http://www.thecodeiszeek.com/2013/02/out-now-with-aaron-and-abe-bonus_27.html?spref=fb

The first full review of the book, from Kristen Lopez:

My first extended printed interview about the book:
A mention of my book on a list of good historical non-fiction:
The second full length review from Aaron Neuwirth:
Kristen Lopez’s review of my second book:
My  very first book talk ever!
My Second Annual “I Haven’t Seen Any of the Nominees” Oscar Predictions with Kristen Lopez:
The Return of Doczilla! Or, My Second Chat with Aaron and Abe, on the books, Godzilla, and the history of the franchise, among assorted Other Stuff:
My first podcast with Douglas Turnbull on science fiction, Heinlein, and the movies:
King Doc returns! Or, My Third Chat with Aaron and Abe, on the books, Kong, Kong: Skull Island, the history of the franchise, and assorted Other Stuff:
I was invited by No-Name Cinema to discuss 1966, Fifty Years Later, and What/Who Should Have Won that year!

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